Kursus Bahasa Jerman A2

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Durasi 5h 46m 50s
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The German A2 course is designed for learners who already possess a basic understanding of the German language. This course aims to enhance your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills while focusing on practical and everyday situations. Throughout the course, you'll expand your vocabulary, improve your grammar, and gain confidence in holding conversations, expressing opinions, and understanding simple texts. By the end of the German A2 course, you'll be better equipped to communicate in common scenarios and have a solid foundation for further language learning.

Materi kursus
German A2 - 01 All About Food by Annisa Pratinjau 00:29:39
German A2 - 02 After Graduation by Annisa 00:33:59
German A2 - 03 Medien im Alltag (Everyday Media) by Annisa 00:29:34
German A2 - 04 Große und kleine Gefühle (Big and Small Feelings) by Annisa 00:25:02
German A2 - 05 What do You Do for a Living by Annisa 00:28:16
German A2 - 06 Everything is a Mobile by Annisa 00:27:41
German A2 - 07 Lesson Learned by Annisa 00:28:26
German A2 - 08 Sporty, Athletic by Annisa 00:27:42
German A2 - 09 Living Together by Annisa 00:30:11
German A2 - 10 Good Conversation by Annisa 00:31:42
German A2 - 11 How Time Flies by Annisa 00:27:22
German A2 - 12 Cliche, right by Annisa 00:27:21

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