Kursus HSK 2 by Valerin Laoshi

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Embark on your journey to master Chinese language proficiency with our HSK 2 Online Course. Designed for beginners, this comprehensive course offers interactive lessons and exercises to enhance your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. Build a solid foundation in Chinese grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structures as you prepare to confidently pass the HSK 2 exam. With expert instructors and convenient online access, learning Chinese has never been more flexible and engaging. Start your learning adventure today and unlock the door to effective communication in Chinese.

Materi kursus
HSK 2 - 01 September is the Best Time to Visit Beijing by Valerin Laoshi Pratinjau 00:34:09
HSK 2 - 02 I Get Up at Six Every Day by Valerin Laoshi 00:32:37
HSK 2 - 03 The Red One on the Left is Mine by Valerin Laoshi 00:29:01
HSK 2 - 04 He Recommended Me for This Job by Valerin Laoshi 00:36:15
HSK 2 - 05 Take This One by Valerin Laoshi 00:29:52
HSK 2 - 06 Why Don't You Eat More by Valerin Laoshi 00:33:09
HSK 2 - 07 Do You Live Far from Your Company by Valerin Laoshi 00:30:27
HSK 2 - 08 Let Me Think About It and I'll Tell You Later by Valerin Laoshi 00:29:30
HSK 2 - 09 There Were Too Many Questions I Didnt Finish All Of Them by Valerin Laoshi 00:39:30
HSK 2 - 10 Stop Looking for Your Cell Phone, Its On the Desk by Valerin Laoshi 00:33:29
HSK 2 - 11 He is Three Years Older Than Me by Valerin Laoshi 00:37:06
HSK 2 - 12 You Wear Too Little by Valerin Laoshi 00:33:03
HSK 2 - 13 The Door is Open by Valerin Laoshi 00:36:59
HSK 2 - 14 Have You Seen That Movie by Valerin Laoshi 00:32:45
HSK 2 - 15 The New Year is Coming by Valerin Laoshi 00:26:03

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