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Immerse yourself in the fundamentals of Japanese with our comprehensive JLPT N5 Online Course. Designed for beginners, this interactive program offers a structured curriculum to master essential vocabulary, grammar, reading, and listening skills. Through engaging lessons, practice exercises, and simulated tests, you'll build a strong foundation in Japanese language and culture, empowering you to confidently pursue your journey towards JLPT N5 success from the comfort of your own home. Start your language adventure today!

Materi kursus
JLPT N5 - 01 Partikel Dasar by Nurica Pratinjau 00:38:07
JLPT N5 - 02 Tata Bahasa Dasar by Nurica 00:26:44
JLPT N5 - 03 Before, After by Nurica 00:34:03
JLPT N5 - 04 Give, Receive by Nurica 00:22:29
JLPT N5 - 05 I like it, I hate It by Nurica 00:28:08
JLPT N5 - 06 I want, I don't want by Nurica 00:21:39
JLPT N5 - 07 Would you like to by Nurica 00:25:27
JLPT N5 - 08 You can understand, you can do by Nurica 00:26:22
JLPT N5 - 09 Please do not, must by Nurica 00:23:44
JLPT N5 - 10 I will do, I think by Nurica 00:24:41

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