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"Join our UTBK Chemistry Course and ace the university entrance exams! Our comprehensive course is designed to help you master key chemistry concepts, problem-solving techniques, and test strategies specifically tailored for the UTBK (Seleksi Bersama Masuk Perguruan Tinggi Negeri) in Indonesia. Let our experienced instructors guide you towards success in your academic journey."

Materi kursus
UTBK Kimia - 01 Stoikiometri Part 1 by Musfiroh Pratinjau 00:28:19
UTBK Kimia - 02 Stoikiometri Part 2 by Musfiroh 00:32:49
UTBK Kimia - 03 Laju Reaksi Part 1 by Musfiroh 00:29:35
UTBK Kimia - 04 Laju Reaksi Part 2 by Musfiroh 00:35:20
UTBK Kimia - 05 Kesetimbangan Kimia Part 1 by Musfiroh 00:26:57
UTBK Kimia - 06 Kesetimbangan Kimia Part 2 by Musfiroh 00:29:07
UTBK Kimia - 07 Kesetimbangan Kimia Part 3 by Musfiroh 00:30:59

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