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Doctor of Philosophy (Medical Microbiology)

Doctor of Philosophy (Medical Microbiology) Regular Class Online Class
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The PhD Medical Microbiology program emphas independence in scientific pursuit and critical thinking with an emphasis on quality research and life-long learning to bring the student to a higher level of competence in Medical Microbiology with special expertise in an area chosen for the thesis. It considers all aspects of Medical Microbiology and incorporates all learning domains of Malaysian Qualifications Framework.

A Doctoral Degree is to provide further enhancement of knowledge, skills and abilities obtained at the master’s level. It generally provides the graduate with the abilities to conduct independent research. The broad objective of the PhD Medical Microbiology programme is to produce high-quality graduates that are able to integrate knowledge and skills drawn from biological sciences and related technologies, taking into account the aspects of ethics, communication skills, leadership, professionalism and social responsibility.

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