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The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) program provides students with hands-on experience via close links to the industry.

At AUS, we recognize that business leaders today must not only master the hard skills needed to make data-driven decisions but also the soft skills needed to make them a better collaborator. To thrive in this field and to truly create value in an organization, leaders must acquire the management skills necessary to interface across the organization.

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Bachelor Degree (S1)

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Business Administration / Business Management

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About the American University in Switzerland

The year 2022 marks the 31st anniversary of the American University in Switzerland (AUS).
Located in the Swiss Riviera, AUS is one of Switzerland’s leading private international universities offering undergraduate and graduate-level programs. In addition, AUS students benefit from various opportunities to elevate their degrees through Dual Degree programs and professional certificates from AUS’ educational partners worldwide.

AUS’ recent partnership with the Tiffin University in Ohio, United States of America, allows AUS students to obtain a dual degree in Athletic Administration, International Business, Sports Marketing, and other specializations from both institutions.

By integrating the hard and soft skills, students will need to be competitive in the coming decades; AUS is leading the charge in focusing on skills for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). Through experiential and student-centered learning, AUS exposes its students to real-life scenarios so they can develop the necessary skills to thrive.

All courses are taught in English to small dynamic cohorts by leading business visionaries who bring extensive experience in successful business ventures, giving them the in-depth background to create a lively and interactive classroom. Leveraging their networks, AUS professors invite industry leaders to guest lecture and speak, bringing additional practical experience and expertise to the university.

AUS’ faculty-to-student ratio is roughly 1:7, facilitating a deeper working relationship between students and professors. The small class , approximately twenty students per class, provides students with optimum personal interaction, allowing professors to mentor and advisor a larger number of students. AUS faculty develops their students' 4IR skills through learning by doing and application, coupled with feedback and coaching.

AUS currently hosts twenty-three nationalities from Asia, Europe, sub-Sahara Africa, and the MENA region, delivering additional educational benefits as students share their experiences, cultural perspectives, and varied work experiences, supporting AUS’ global perspective. AUS students compete in case study competitions, have a student governing body, and have a sports team competing in local tournaments and competitions, providing a more robust and fulfilling student experience. Beyond the depth and breadth of knowledge gained in the classroom, the life-long connections developed while attending AUS will be of immeasurable value for each student. To this end, AUS supports student internships, on-site company visits, and executive mentoring and is committed to providing all students with a well-rounded educational experience.


Located in the French-speaking region of Switzerland, American University in Switzerland offers international students a truly global education experience. Our campus is in La Tour-de-Peilz, on the shores of Lake Geneva, and is amidst some of the world's biggest multinational organizations. Only 60 minutes away from Geneva and 25 minutes from Lausanne, the area provides students with an opportunity to explore Switzerland for all its beauty.

Located at the heart of Europe, Switzerland enables students studying abroad the chance to explore European cities at ease during their time as a student. With transport access to cities like; Paris, Milan, Amsterdam, Barcelona and more. A study abroad experience in Switzerland is something truly remarkable and extraordinary.



Reasons to study at the American University in Switzerland 1. High-Quality Education

Switzerland has an international reputation as a center of excellence for education, recognized with its high reputation as one of the world’s most competitive countries. At the American University in Switzerland, students are offered the opportunity to experience high-quality Swiss education whilst studying an American-style curriculum. The small class , approximately 20 students per class, provides students with optimum personal interaction, allowing professors to mentor and advisor a larger number of students. The faculty-student ratio is roughly 1-7, facilitating a deeper working relationship between students and professors than other universities.

2. Interactive Learning Environment

Studying at American University in Switzerland students will enjoy an interactive learning environment with smaller class s that allow them to access the individualized attention and guidance to support their development. Students will be part of a learning environment designed to engage and inspire whilst offering them plenty of opportunities to be inquisitive and involved.

3. Learn Business by Doing

Every program at American University in Switzerland will allow you to gain a practical understanding of the theory that you are learning. Our faculty are not only teaching business, but they are living it as well, through the professional experiences they are able to bring the classroom to life. Students are not just gaining knowledge but also the comprehension and understanding of how it can be used in the world.

4. Multicultural Environment

Studying in a multicultural environment is key to not only building global leaders, but global citizens. Being part of the student community at American University in Switzerland students will be integrated into a community that will enable them to develop an understanding and appreciation for cultural diversity. The day-to-day experiences of a student at American University in Switzerland will prepare them to thrive in a global generation.

5. Relevant and Focused Curriculum The faculty at American University in Switzerland has redefined and designed the academic curriculum to ensure that it is relevant for an ever-changing business world and focused on ensuring students graduate with the key skills required for employment. AUS faculty develops their student's 4IR skills through learning by doing and application, coupled with feedback and coaching. Each course includes theory and hard and soft skill development through two experiential learning, such as: Simulations Presentations – individual and/or group Case studies Projects – individual and/or group



The American University in Switzerland offers Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctorate Degrees focused on business.

Bachelor Degree Specializations Master Degree Specializations Accounting Athletic Administration Human Resources International Business Business Management Manufacturing Management  Marketing Sports Marketing Aviation Management Data Analytics Finance Healthcare Administration Human Resources Management International Business Leadership&Change Marketing Sports Management


More Than Just a Degree

At the American University in Switzerland, we are delighted to collaborate with world-leading organizations to offer our students a unique opportunity to graduate with more than just a degree.

Dual Degree In order to continue providing its students with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), the American University in Switzerland (AUS) is launching a new initiative in which its students will be enrolled in the Dual Degree Program (DDP) with Tiffin University (TU) located in Tiffin, Ohio, and graduate with degrees from AUS and TU. Tiffin is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), one of the six US regional accreditation agencies. Most governments around the world recognize the HLC accreditation and thus they will recognize the AUS dual degrees.



American University in Switzerland

American University in Switzerland

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