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Master Degree in International Business Administration with Specialization in Data Analytics

Master Degree in International Business Administration with Specialization in Data Analytics Regular Class
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The Data Analytics concentration focuses on the development of managerial competencies related statistics, accounting, economics, finance, computer information, policy, ethics, law, globalization, and marketing. In addition, the program focuses on self-actualization of a higher level of learning. In addition, this concentration will provide specialized training needed in the advancing technological business environment.

1. Advanced Data Analysis Techniques

This course prepares students for analyzing data using advanced data analysis software and techniques to make decisions on data. Topics include Multivariable Regression, Non-Linear Regression, ANOVA, Cluster and Factor Analysis and Logistics Regression.

2. Applied Statistics for Data Analytics

This course will explore techniques to analyze data, produce graphical illustrations and draw conclusions using statistical, data analysis and visualization software packages. Focusing on the central tendency, data exploration and analytics, probability distributions and random variables, students will compare and contrast the basics of statistical inference, testing hypothesis and building confidence intervals, correlation and causation, and simple and multiple regression analysis.

3. Data Visualization, Design, and Presentation

This concentration the capstone course will synthe the previous learning outcomes in the Data Analytics Concentration to compose and construct a final project demonstrating application of data presentation and design. The design of the final project will focus on visualizing data analysis in the real-world application by combining techniques of data modeling and data analytics; data processing; mapping data attributes to graphical attributes; and, constructing strategic visual encoding based on known properties of visual perception. Additionally, students will justify the effectiveness of visualization designs and critical thinking necessary in design decisions. Students will create their own data visualizations, and learn to use visualization tools and software.

4. Database Design and Data Modelling

This course will investigate principles and practices of database management and design. Student will compare and contrast relational database design, normalization, SQL queries, reports and other interfaces to database data, and documentation. Examination of public sources of data will lead to the practice of applying data sources in real-world examples. This course will utilize a spreadsheet (i.e. Microsoft Excel) and database (i.e. Microsoft Access) technology currently used in organizations by applying functions in key field areas such as pivot tables, charts, queries, reports, macros, data load utilities, records and modules.

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American University in Switzerland

American University in Switzerland

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