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Master Degree in International Business Administration with Specialization in Human Resources Management

Master Degree in International Business Administration with Specialization in Human Resources Management Regular Class
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The MBA with a Human Resource Management concentration enables the student to integrate the knowledge and skills gained from the core coursework for the MBA degree in order to address the issues and challenges faced by today’s human resource management professional. Students will benefit from exposure to theories and applications involved in acquiring and developing talented employees, managing the ongoing employer/employee relationship, and providing competitive advantages through strategic human resource policies and practices.

1. Human Resource Planning&Talent Acquisition

This course focuses on workforce planning, recruitment, and selection as tools for facilitating the achievement of organizational goals. Topics covered include short and long term human resource planning, job analysis, internal and external recruitment processes, selection tools, and organizational entry/socialization.

2. Negotiations and Conflict Resolution

This course explores nature and steps in negotiation strategies for conflict/dispute resolution, labor/management relations and mediation. In addition, the student evaluates interpersonal skills in order to achieve positive outcomes.

3. Strategic Human Resource Management

This course explores the use of human resource strategies and practices in creating and sustaining competitive advantage for the organization. Topics include: measurement of human resource outcomes and the impact on the bottom line; human resource and organizational strategy; human resource and globalization; and human resource role in other strategic management decisions.

4. Talent Development & Performance Management

This course centers on training and developing employees and aligning their performance with organizational goals. Topics include: performance appraisal and feedback; compensation, benefits and total rewards; training and development; and human resource information systems (HRIS).

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American University in Switzerland

American University in Switzerland

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