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Master Degree in International Business Administration with Specialization in Sports Management

Master Degree in International Business Administration with Specialization in Sports Management Regular Class
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The Sports Management concentration is one of just a few programs in the U.S. offered entirely online. T.U.’s program is designed to maximize convenience while providing the necessary structure to enhance students’ marketability and to improve their business skills. Faculty are prepared to help students make connections with a growing network of alumni working in sports or with the extensive list of sport industry contact that have professional relationships with our faculty.

1. Business Strategies in Sports

The case study approach will be used in a critical analysis of business concepts related to decision making, leadership, ethics, communication, marketing, sponsorship, budgeting, policy development, public relations and fundraising in the sport industry.

2. Communication and Fund Raising in Sports

Students will recognize communication as integral to the management, marketing, and operational goals of sport organizations at all levels. Students will also recognize the needs of professional and volunteer fundraisers in an exploration of the tools, tips, and techniques used to fundraise through solicitation, events, and grants common in the sports industry.

3. Personnel Management in Sport

This course provides a study of the principles of personnel management including recruiting, staffing, development of human resources, maintaining a favorable work environment, compensation administration, benefits, security, and system appraisal as they apply to sport agencies. The course emphas the value of diversity and inclusion in human resource practices of sport organizations.

4. Sport Mentorship

Students are required to participate in 200 contact hours of field experience under the direction of an approved mentor in the sports industry. To enroll in the mentorship, students must complete an online application the semester prior to the requested course enrollment period. Students will maintain an e-portfolio and engage in professional development / career management activities as part of their course requirements. Students must have completed a minimum of 12 graduate credit hours with a minimum GPA of 3.0 for eligibility to enroll in the mentorship.

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American University in Switzerland

American University in Switzerland

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