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The Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training program meets the fundamental skill requirements and preferences of Fire Services for employment as an operational firefighter. Possessing these skills will make you a highly eligible candidate to gain employment.

Centennial College's School of Community and Health Studies will deliver the Ontario-standardized Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training graduate certificate program. The offering was designed in accordance with the approved curriculum developed by the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs (OAFC) and the Ontario Office of the Fire Marshal (OFM).

By combining theory and practical learning, the one-year college firefighter training program will help you to develop skills in exciting areas such as fire suppression, rescue operations and environmental protection. At Progress Campus, experienced fire service instructors will deliver the knowledge-based aspects of the offering. You'll also utilize the training facilities at Ajax Fire Services and your Emergency Patient Care/EMR course will be taught at Morningside Campus, taking advantage of the location's state-of-the-art medical lab.

"Courage and compassion" is the credo of Centennial's Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training program. When you successfully complete the program, you'll embody these qualities, receive a certificate from Centennial College, and be eligible to write the National Fire Protection Association 1001 Firefighter 1 and 2 as well as the 472 Hazardous Materials Awareness and Operations testing. Many fire departments now require or prefer the Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training program and/or NFPA 1001. It's expected that the program will increasingly become a minimum criterion for fire service hiring in Ontario.

Program Highlights

  • This Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training certificate program will be taught in three consecutive semesters. During the first two semesters, you'll receive one full day of practical training at one of two locations each week. In Semester 3, practical training will be scheduled twice per week.
  • You'll benefit from simulation training under the guidance of qualified instructors, while enjoying ample time in smaller group-teaching scenarios.
  • This School of Community and Health Studies offering will allow you to gain practical experience in various activities.

Once you complete the Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training program, you'll be able to:

  • Identify the steps required to apply for employment through the Candidate Testing Service;
  • Identify and use personal and professional developmental resources and activities that promote growth and contribute to lifelong learning;
  • Meet the knowledge and skill outcomes required by the OFM curriculum in fire suppression, community education and fire prevention, firefighter emergency patient care, environmental protection and special rescue operations;
  • Meet the ethical, legal and safety requirements of professionals in the fire service industry;
  • Use safe practices and techniques with fire department apparatus, tools and equipment;
  • Communicate effectively using verbal, non-verbal, written or electronic methods including recognized and appropriate fire service terminology;
  • Interact with others in a variety of emergency and non-emergency situations in a manner that demonstrates confidence, professionalism, and sensitivity to others and to the situation;
  • Demonstrate respect when effectively communicating with diverse communities and their members;
  • Use effective and appropriate problem-solving and decision-making skills in emergency and non-emergency situations;
  • Effectively work with fire service team members, pre-hospital emergency care providers and other emergency service-related groups to provide comprehensive service in emergency and non-emergency situations;
  • Participate in practical and live fire training at Fire Services training facilities.

Please note: Successful program candidates should have a strong desire to make a difference in the lives of others, have excellent teamwork skills and be physically fit.

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