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BA Chinese and History

BA Chinese and History Regular Class
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As an impact of the globalization process, the connectedness of the world's economies and cultures has been growing rapidly along with numerous rediscoveries of the local. It is amidst such a backdrop that the studies of language and culture, philosophy and history, heritage and aesthetics become all the more critical and essential. The Department of Chinese and History is founded to provide a multi- and inter-disciplinary lens to the changing and increasingly important role that China – in both its center and peripheries – plays in today’s global landscape.

While the Department of Chinese and History is a newly established academic unit, we nonetheless inherit the outstanding teaching, research and professional services from City University of Hong Kong. In the 21st century where local, national and global collaborations are becoming more and more dynamic, we aim to promote cultural learning with a humanistic touch, focusing especially on Chinese literature, history, philosophy, art, music, and cultural heritage.

The Department considers education and research as complementary and reinforcing components. As such, our quality curricula equip graduates with language proficiency, leadership skills and a critical mindset that is translatable to Hong Kong, the Greater China region and other Chinese-speaking landscapes. By expanding on its current research projects, the Department also actively seeks out long-term collaborations with Mainland and the international academia, joining hands in organizing conferences, research initiatives and academic publishing.

The Major in Chinese and History aims to equip students with both advanced and professional knowledge as well as a wide range of analytical skills. Students will gain a broad understanding of Chinese literature, cultural heritage and history over time and across regions, while also specializing on a particular area or theme. They will learn to think critically, to conduct research with primary and secondary sources, to use appropriate methodologies, to construct sound and logical arguments as well as to write academically and skillfully.

The Chinese stream strives to provide students with a solid and comprehensive training in Chinese language, Chinese literature, history and philosophy. The knowledge is both ancient and modern, and can be widely used in daily life. The training equips students with both in-depth knowledge and research skills for further academic work as well as for career development in the education, public affairs, administration, literature studies, media, editing and creative industries involving the use of Chinese. The Chinese Stream consists of four specialized areas of study, which are (1) Chinese language and literature, (2) Classical and modern Chinese literature, (3) Chinese classics and philosophy, and (4) Language use and writing.

The Cultural Heritage stream provides the professional training necessary to nurture high calibre cultural professionals to meet the growing manpower needs resulting from Hong Kong’s rapidly expanding management capacity in culture- and heritage-related industries, including cultural tourism, museum management, exhibition industries, commercial galleries, libraries and archives, community heritage programmes, publishing, entertainment and arts-related professions, cultural and creative industries. In addition, it educates students to become cultural professionals who are culturally literate and competent in managing and marketing culture and heritage, with extensive knowledge of Chinese cultural heritage and with particular knowledge of Hong Kong’s cultural heritage and its unique position in integrating cultures of the East and the West. Moreover, students under this stream are educated to become cultural professionals highly proficient in their English-language ability in terms of comprehension, communication and writing for the purpose of promoting one’s culture and heritage. They would demonstrate a sense of curiosity for discovering the wonders of cultural heritage and critical awareness on issues of heritage preservation and development, as well as experiential ability in handling and managing the operation of culture- and heritage-related affairs. Last but not least, the Cultural Heritage stream promotes professionalism in cultural and heritage management in support of maintaining Hong Kong’s leading role in culture- and heritage-related professions and provides expert advice on the promotion of culture and the protection and preservation of heritage in the context of Hong Kong both as part of China and as an international city.

The History stream aims to examine the cause-and-effect relationships in human affairs and address the complexity of the past in shaping the contemporary society. Although Chinese history is the primary focus of the stream, courses related to world history and public history are also offered so that students can acquire comprehensive and in-depth historical knowledge.

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