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Cyprus West University (CWU) is a private non-profit university located in Famagusta, North Cyprus. Established in 2015, CWU is among the fastest growing universities in the country. The university currently comprise of 5 faculties, 3 schools and 1 institution. CWU is dedicated to educating and nurturing global leaders in an atmosphere marked by excellence and student achievement. CWU is committed to creating exceptional educational expereinces focused on developing confident individuals exuding entreprenurial, problem solving, leadership and remarkable interpersonal skills.


  1. Qualified and Experienced Staff
    The University  has  qualified academic and adminstrative staff. Academic staff are  hired as per the respective regulatory bodies (Yodak and Yok Higher educations Accreditation Institutes). Additionally a strict recruitment program is followed to ensure the best Faculty and adminstration staff.
  2. Global Collaboration
    CWU has various collaborations and partnerships with international universities and organisations of repute across the globe
  3. Integrated Courses and Dual degree Programs
    We offer a range of integrated courses in most of our programs
  4. Comprehensive Scholarship Program -  to aid with Tuition fee reduction for  Both Incoming and Old Students
  5. International Exchange Program
  6. Contemporary course curriculum  designed per industry needs
  7. Develop students with an entreprenuerial mind


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