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BSc (Hons) in Architectural Technology

BSc (Hons) in Architectural Technology Regular Class
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Architectural Technology is the application of science and engineering knowledge to the design of buildings. They work together with architects in multidisciplinary teams to achieve efficient and effective technical design solutions which are robust, durable and sustainable. Architectural Technologists are technical designers, skilled in the application and integration of construction technologies in the building design process. This technical design programme integrates theory with practical application to equip students with real life problem solving and communication skills and a broad understanding of construction technology and detailing, building regulations, health and safety legislation and the theory and integration of environmental and sustainable design. In particular the programme aims to develop each student’s knowledge, skill and competence. It incorporates a low energy technical design project and a research project which will equip them as they set off on their career as a professional architectural technologist.

The course includes:

  • The history, context and design of buildings including new buildings, extension and conversion of existing buildings
  • The link between design and the technological, environmental, cultural, economic and social parameters } Technology of architectural forms, functions, concepts and contexts
  • Accessibility and inclusive design reflecting how all people perceive, experience and use all aspects of the built environment
  • The design and construction process and systems efficiency, effectiveness, economic and environmental sustainability, quality, safety, reliability and appearance
  • Legal and regulatory requirements including building regulations, planning and development legislation, building control and health and safety
  • Science and engineering of materials and components related to design
  • Building services engineering, environmental science and structural engineering
  • Project and design management, project procurement and process, construction and contract management
  • Computer-aided design, 3D modelling, ICT and BIM.

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