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Fashion Business Course

Especially for fashion related businesses and fashion professionals who want to expand or improve their skill set, ESMOD Jakarta provides a unique training program, which is based on world class teaching methods and special materials it is famous for. To stay competitive in this high paced industry, it is vital to ensure your skill and knowledge is constantly updated. So if you want to increase your knowledge or learn something completely new, our broad selection of industry based courses will meet your needs.

Fashion Design Course

For those who love fashion and doodling designs or wish they can actually create a design: these courses are perfect for you! They will teach you the basic skills you need to start designing and making your own creations. No prior skills or knowledge required, we will hold your hand through the whole process. And soon you will be able to wear your own creations!
Figurine & Illustration Class Kebaya Cocktail Dress Tailored Suit Molding (Signature Program) Design Development Sewing Pattern Drafting Creation Ready-To-Wear

Link info untuk short course: https://esmodjakarta.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/E_BROCHURE-SC-1.pdf


Jenjang Pendidikan

Certificate / Foundation

Study Area

Design and Architecture

Universitas123 - Akademik


ESMOD Jakarta menempati posisi terdepan di antara Lembaga Pendidikan Mode di Indonesia, karena DNA unik dan keunggulannya dalam inovasi dan teknologi pembelajaran. Selain itu, alumni lulusan kami diakui oleh asosiasi paling bergengsi di industri fashion. Sebagai salah satu pelopor di dunia pendidikan fashion, ESMOD Jakarta menjunjung tinggi standar profesional yang ketat yang diterapkan oleh ESMOD di semua lokasi di seluruh dunia. Dan kami memiliki tujuan untuk terus mendorong bakat para desainer muda untuk menyesuaikan standar tersebut dengan warisan budaya yang kaya dari Indonesia.


Having a heritage of more than 170 years in fashion education enables us to offer you the very best in patented teaching methods and materials. ESMOD Jakarta keeps close connection with ESMOD International, specifically Paris, to constantly innovate and provide you with an education that’s up to international standards. Our teachers are a mix of international and national talents. A number of our teachers either come from abroad or have studied there. Almost all have worked in the fashion industry, earning their marks with famous brands or designers or having established respected businesses of their own.


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ESMOD Jakarta

ESMOD Jakarta

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