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We challenge, inspire and facilitate students to become an entrepreneur by being one. Our five-week modules provide students practical learning methods and the latest knowledge from the field to develop entrepreneurial competencies. As tomorrow’s entrepreneurs you have to be effective in dealing with unpredictability and become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Entrepreneurship is not something you learn by reading a book. It demands learning through application; therefore, we are proud to be a FULLY ACCREDITED UNIVERSITY OF APPLIED SCIENCE with a cutting-edge curriculum not just about entrepreneurs but by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Our modules are designed to help you BUILD YOUR STARTUP and are therefore timed to meet your development needs, making it super helpful to students focused on becoming architects of their own lives.

That is why the fully accredited Global School for Entrepreneurship focuses on applied sciences. We see entrepreneurship as a way to shape your own destiny and make a meaningful contribution to society. The only way to learn how to do this is by doing the work and actually starting your business.

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