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Do you want to grow your startup and get a MSc degree at the same time?

Our Master of Science program in Scaling up, is developed for founders of new ventures that are ready to start growing an established startup or business proposition within an existing business that are ready for real life scaling.

Similar to our unconventional bachelor of Science, this Master program is also hands on; learning by doing.

With the startup phase typically being the sole focus of entrepreneurial education, scaling is often a step left for students/entrepreneurs to figure out on their own. This step is vital to create real long term value. Learning how to scale from theory is not sufficient to prepare you for what’s to come. You wil need competencies, scaling skills and a persevering mindset as you will face new challenges that require different skills. This is why we created this master. The accreditation put it well when they acknowledged that there is need for this program as it caters to a need and is one of its kind. It is designed to help entrepreneurs grow their team and culture, interact with investors, enter new markets and introduce new products or services in a sustainable way. What you probably also wil appreciate is that we offer our program from a hybrid classroom. This mean you can choose to be in class or join online. So, while you are in the program you can study and work in some of the most dynamic cities around the world and build your business, execute your research locally and still achieve your MSc degree in time.

More info? Find it here: https://www.gs4e.com/master/

Jenjang Pendidikan

Master Degree (S2)

Study Area

Business Administration / Management

Universitas123 - Akademik


Become an entrepreneur - by being one

At Global School for Entrepreneurship, we stimulate students to think, decide and act as entrepreneurs. We give entrepreneurship the attention it deserves. Many universities offer entrepreneurship as an add-on to their program. Some through hands-on minors, others by touching on popular tools such as the business model canvas. Our program takes a radically different approach. We aim to develop tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. Professionals with an entrepreneurial mindset, who feel comfortable in unpredictable environments.


Each module is created along four learning lines intertwined throughout the four-year program.

1. Personal Development
The first focuses on developing the entrepreneur on a personal level focusing on developing competencies such as assertiveness, creativity, perseverance, persuasiveness, and adaptability.

2. Methodological Learning
The methodological learning line is focused on discovering opportunities for the entrepreneur and the business. The related skills are critical thinking, problem analysis, customer orientation, vision development, and value creation.

3. Interpersonal Learning
The interpersonal learning line aims to develop competencies that help develop relevance in the market and become a good leader. The skills developed throughout are the leadership of groups, social awareness, curiosity, cooperation, and networking.

4. Effectuation
To ensure that the entrepreneur is capable of coming up with concepts and developing them, the final skills are on developing the Effectuation mindset, learning ability, business orientation, commercial power as well as verbal expression.

Graduates from our bachelor program are capable of developing a vision, discovering the opportunities by making the offer relevant to the customer, and persevering when it gets difficult in order to achieve success, they get the job done.


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