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“I have never expected that I would study in an international college until GS FAME gave me the opportunity. GS FAME helps students like me who are unfamiliar with international schools, the institute helped me a lot in improving my English and for me to easily get used to its learning environment. The lecturers are very kind, and they taught me well so I could easily understand every topic and enhance my ability in business, not just on papers but also in the real world situations. In GS FAME, I met friends who are kind-hearted and caring. We helped each other in improving our english or in discussing subjects that we need to understand. Also, it’s really interesting to think that I can finish my bachelor degree in just 3 years. I had an amazing experience joining GS FAME and I am having so much fun!” Fransisca Natalia International Business Major, 2021 SMA Don Bosco 2, Jakarta

“Studying in GS FAME is an experience I will cherish for a lifetime. The institute offers us a 3-year double degree program with classes taught in full-English. As a person who loves studying business, GS FAME gave me an opportunity to meet different kinds of people and learn essential business concepts. I am very thankful to all my lecturers and friends. Being a GS FAME student is indeed great!” Jaqueline Kasna International Business Major, 2021 JAC School, Jakarta

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Fransisca Natalia
  • Alumni
  • GS FAME Institute of Business
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Jaqueline Kasna
  • Alumni
  • GS FAME Institute of Business

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