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Accounting Regular Class
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Program Description

The study of Accounting affords students the opportunity to apply real life applications. Certified Public Accountants manage the finance of business big and small, make a competitive wage salary and are always in need. During times of high unemployment, accounting jobs are always readily available.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze, record and communicate business information using generally accepted accounting procedures, computer systems and accounting software as appropriate.
  • Initiate projects, research accounting authorities and business practices, and develop recommendations using appropriate policies, guidance, ethical standards and management directions, including using computer systems and software.
  • Manage and complete team projects, including making team assignments and coordinating team activities (including the supervisor), consistent with sound human relations procedures.
  • Use an understanding of business principles and organizational priorities to make decisions about work being performed. Give guidance and instructions to subordinates consistent with management priorities and ethical standards.
  • Manage and protect basic information systems, accounting records and customer and vendor information using appropriate laws and regulations, ethical standards and management policies.
  • Interpret and use oral instructions to complete assigned tasks; speak clearly and produce written documents that meet standards of accuracy when dealing with the organizations’ stakeholders.
  • Use accounting and other business data to develop information and reports to assist management in planning operations, identifying potential problems and controlling business activities.

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