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The Business & Entrepreneurship program is designed to develop students’ fundamental management skills and proficiency in the language of business. Students are trained through real-life bioentrepreneurship projects to help them become well-rounded entrepreneurs. Students can also gain various international experiences to broaden their perspective and network by participating in our international programs (exchange programs, double degree, international competitions). Skills that we develop in the Business & Entrepreneurship program are applicable in creating viable businesses that can go international.

Business & Entrepeneurship at iSB (i3L School of Business)

  • First in Indonesia, prepare to lead the global bio-industry to meet the demands for healthcare, food, and energy.
  • Interdisciplinary Approach, seamlessly integrates business management, life sciences, and entrepreneurship.
  • Experiental Learning, enables to pursue your passion and learn how to start your own bio-based business first-hand.


  • European Innovation Academy
  • Harvard Project for ASIAN and International Relations
  • Deloitter Risk Intelligence Challenge
  • IISMA Awardee to USA
  • Top Scholar Award of Cohort 2019

Syarat Pendaftaran

  • Academic Score/Qualifications
    • High School (To be confirmed by the Instituion)
  • Additional Requirements
    • Required Interview
    • Additional Entrance Test (iSB entrance test will be held online, and the result will be published one week after the exam)


Common documents
Academic Transcript
High School Certificate
Required for final assessment of the Institution
Statement of Purpose/Motivation Letter
Optional supporting documents
Additional Supporting Documents

Jenjang Pendidikan

Bachelor Degree (S1)


Business / Management / International Business / Business Administration

Masa Studi

4 Tahun

Biaya Pendaftaran

IDR 300,000

Biaya Pendidikan

IDR 49,000,000/tahun

Intake Batas pendaftaran
Sep -
Universitas123 - Akademik


i3L School of Business (iSB) is an institution with a strong international focus on Business, Management and Entrepreneurship. At iSB, we offer various undergraduate programs in Business&Entrepreneurship in Life Sciences, International Business Management, International Professional Accounting and Professional Digital Marketing. On top of that, iSB also offers a Master’s Program in Management for Life-Sciences Business (MBM).

iSB uses sophisticated learning platforms, such as business simulations (e.g. Stukent, Blue Ocean) which can help students put the theories they have learned in the classroom to practice. Moreover, business simulations are also able to train students in deep-learning skills such as collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving. iSB is committed to helping students work on real-life company projects, case studies and other advanced learning platforms. In addition, iSB allows students to learn from lecturers who are highly-experienced in the industry.

i3L School of Business (iSB) has collaborations with universities around the world in the forms of double degree and student exchange programs. In the summer of 2019 alone, almost 50% of iSB students were engaged in international internship and study abroad programs in Asia, Australia, USA and Europe. Students are guaranteed to have international professional experience by the time they graduate. In addition, we have international collaborations with NCUK universities such as the University of Manchester, University of Birmingham, University of Sheffield, University of Leeds, University of Bradford, Aston University and many more. These collaborations provide an opportunity for our students to gain the necessary international exposure.




Crafting well-rounded graduates through unique learning ambience and industry exposure.
Engaging our students and faculty with outstanding academic mobility programs.

Research and Innovation; scalling up national competitiveness through interdisciplinary research and applied project.
International Opportunities
  • Student Exchange.
  • Double Degree.
  • Internship Abroad.
Biaya studi per tahun mulai dari

IDR 49,000,000



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