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Master Degree (S2)


Tourism, Culinary and Hospitality Management

Universitas123 - Akademik


In the collective imagination we think at the University as a place where we learn something, where we to study and gain skills or obtain a Diploma or a Degree… In the last 3 years, all the greatest global companies have realized that for hiring people is not enough to search candidates based on the Title they have, but based on what a person really knows how to do and furthermore based on what a person thinks!
How many times have we heard of someone who after years of study and specialization found himself unable to do anything when introduced in the world of work or unable to take the right decision!
How many times have we had an idea that seemed successful but when we presented it to our friends or relatives they didn’t seem enthusiastic, they started to pose a lot of problems so we gave up!
The IAN Academy firmly wants to combat this “bad and good ideas” conception because we believe that every idea born among bad and good times and among many problems, even those ideas that made the history of the world had so many initial doubts and problems!
For this reason the IAN Academy has created a strategy of structured programs to give real theoretical and practical foundations to students and not to get lost even for a moment in the maze of soft and hard skills, in the run to the certificate of this and that for finding a good job or for developing their own idea of business.
We think that each student can be a potential Superstar-Entrepreneur of the future, as well as a potential international Big-manager or maybe the next Founder of something that will change the world just like Eilon Mask or Jeff Bezos! And we think that every idea has a big potential.
The important thing is to find the key to solve those problems without abandoning the ideas! So we based our study programs on the conception to develop innovation, idea generation and succeed in the world!
The IAN study programs are centered on the fast and effective learning and mixed with a deep training, they are not easy to face, but they forge big shoulders so that future challenges of life become a springboard and not an obstacle. And also, in the Imaginary of the IAN Academy the university is the place where life memories, lasting friendships are built, where the man or woman becomes mature and create the basis for the most important networks and connections for the life, the best minds in the world remember the university period as the one that shaped their personality and this is what the vision of the IAN aims!


IAN Academy was born in Naples, with the mission of favoring the global study and internationalization of professional training in order to meet the worldwide standard requirements of preparation to the career. We prepare future global leaders and professionals for the transformative programs and worldwide changes. Our world-class Experts, trailblazing practitioners, and global network of alumni, partners, and local startups power us. Explore the opportunities and implications of new technologies and connect to a global ecosystem that is shaping the future world of work.

It was precisely the idea of a Neapolitan to found “jooble”, the first job searching portal engine purely for foreigners residing in the Campania region, students and residents of all ages and titles can access it and find the activity that best suits their characteristics .

The IAN Academy HR department provides complete assistance in portal management, finding the desired job, converting the resume into a European format curriculum and preparing candidates for interviews. This is to keep the prestige of our graduates high and ensure that they represent the ruling class of the future.




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