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At INTI, we believe in an education that will empower you for life.

  • Gain the best quality education with world class facilities and resources, regardless of your field of studies.
  • Achieve an added edge while expanding your global perspectives through our collaborations with highly acclaimed international universities.
  • Experience quality education that prepares you to face the challenges in the global market.

Our Belief

Education must change to meet the needs of tomorrow’s world.

Our Vision

Be the champion of change, reinventing education for the dynamic leaders of the future.

Our Mission

We will provide the most international, innovative and individualized education.


We have worked hard to create opportunities for you to set yourself apart from the pack. Therefore, studying a quality education at INTI is just a first step towards a great career.

At INTI, you will be given assistance to do active career planning through our INTI Graduate Placement process where you will learn all about career plans, resumes, interview skills, and grooming.

99% of INTI graduates get jobs within 6 months

91% of INTI graduates get paid higher than the market minimum average.

60% of INTI graduates get jobs before they graduate

Source: INTI Graduate Employability Survey 2017 validated by BDO

Biaya Kuliah

Rp15,000.00 - Rp75,000.00

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