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Kyoto University of Advanced Science, Faculty of Engineering

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-In April of 2020, Kyoto University of Advanced Science (KUAS) established Faculty of Engineering where students can learn the most advanced technologies through all-new, all-English practical study program. At KUAS' Faculty of Engineering, students will be able to study a wide range of engineering fields and prepare themselves to compete on the global stage. Focused on the technology that will help shape our future – electric vehicles, drones, robots, AI, machinery, motor-related solutions, power generation systems, and much more – KUAS is now welcoming the world’s next generation of engineering to Kyoto. To create state of art technology, it is essential to provide state-of-art education. That is why ultimate goal of KUAS’ engineering program is to provide students with the immediately applicable real-world skills that will allow them to excel in the modern world of engineering. At KUAS, Faculty of Engineering students engage with real companies and explore a landscape of career opportunities available in Japan and beyond before they even graduate. Meanwhile, KUAS ensures that this industry involvement allows students to springboard into exciting careers after graduation. This is possible because of the many world-leading engineering firms based in Kyoto. 

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  • All-English: KUAS offers a trailblazing engineering program in Japan, with a curriculum taught entirely in English. 
  • Intensive Japanese Language Program: KUAS provides all international students with intensive Japanese language courses to broaden their future career path. 
  • Capstone program Training the engineers of tomorrow through a focus on solving real problems, we offer original team-based learning such as our Capstone program. Students will have opportunities to develop their skills in small teams by tackling real-world engineering problems. They are expected to identify, design, research, and evaluate solutions, as well as undertake a part-time industry placement to deepen their understanding as a solution provider. The goals are  to strengthen analysis and problem-solving abilityfoster team working and communication skills. and ultimately result in high employment rate in synergy with personalised career support.
  • Multi-disciplinary study KUAS offers a high degree of flexibility in specialization so that students can have exposure to a wide range of knowledge and expertise in subcategorized fields necessary for professionally balanced engineers. These include; Industrial Design, Manufacturing, Mechatronics, Measurement, Control, Intelligent Systems & Robotics, Materials, Ionics, Electromagnetism, Actuators, Power & Energy Systems, Microelectronic Technologies & Devices, Integrated Circuits & Embedded Systems, Signal Analysis & Machine Intelligence, and AI.
  • Career Path  From an engineer’s perspective, Kyoto provides a uniquely stimulating environment for building a career. To assist our students, we embrace the presence of globally top-performing mechanical and electronics companies headquartered in Kyoto, as well as our close relationship with Nidec. Engaging in industry placement during coursework will lead to an inspiring opportunity to explore a landscape of great career opportunities available in Japan. KUAS ensures that student industry involvement acts as a springboard for a smooth entry into life after graduation. This is possible because of the existence  of a myriad of excellent and global engineering firms based in Kyoto.
  • Lots of activities, sports, student clubs
  • State of the art facilities
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