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The Division of Industrial Design (DID) is the first university-level department in Singapore to offer degree programmes in Industrial Design. The B.A. (Hons), M.A. and Ph.D. (ID) are highly selective programmes, where students are taught a potent combination of design thinking and innovation methods, with a clever mix of artistic, humanistic, technological and business disciplines. Our graduates are enabled to take up highly valuable and versatile roles as creative designers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders of change.

DID is where innovations are pushed to the next level. Our vision is to make life better through design; to equip students with trans-disciplinary skills and thinking processes required to find unmet needs, to solve complex problems involved in creating viable new products, experiences, interfaces and environments. While based solidly on good functionality and form, our approach equips student designers to go beyond these basics of function and aesthetics, into the realm of extreme sensitivity towards human perception, behaviour, emotions, psychology, culture, and habits; so that the innovations from DID students are not just well-intended ideas to fix problems, but holistic solutions that people love to use, and businesses are eager to invest in. In 10 years since its inception in 1999, NUS Division of Industrial Design (DID) has been ranked among the world’s top 30 design schools by iF (International Forum Design) Germany, in 2009.

Come join us, and be part of history in the making!

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