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To ensure that ISE students are prepared and ready for the workforce, the curriculum has been designed with an emphasis on group projects that involve students tackling real industry problems. Through these projects, our students are exposed to the challenges faced across various industries. In addition, they are trained on how to efficiently come up with practical solutions and gain a better appreciation of what it means to be an effective team player.The core principle of Industrial and Systems Engineering (ISE) centers around solving real world problems and optimizing existing solutions via a systematic approach backed by data and experience. ISE undergraduates are trained to undergo and utilize rigorous research and data analysis to come up with innovative and efficient solutions.

A key feature of our program is that all our undergraduates will undertake a two semesters project where they will be attached to a company as consultants to study and analyze an actual industrial problem. The students will work closely with a company representative to understand the problem and develop practical solutions to address it. At the end of the project, students will present their findings and recommendations to the company’s management. Through this project, our students demonstrate the value that they can bring to an organization. It is not uncommon to hear of students receiving job offers at the end of their projects.

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Bachelor Degree (S1)

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Computer and Engineering

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The National University of Singapore aspires to be a vital community of academics, researchers, staff, students and alumni working together in a spirit of innovation and enterprise for a better world.Our singular focus on talent will be the cornerstone of a truly great university that is dedicated to quality education, influential research and visionary enterprise, in service of country and society.Our vision is to be a leading global university, shaping the future. Meanwhile our mission is to educate, inspire and transform. With values : innovation, resilience, respect and integrity.


7 things to know about NUS :#1. First things first (rankings). Whether you think the numbers are important or not, they make a great introduction. So – 1st in Asia. 11th in the world. But that’s far from the only thing that sets us apart.#2. Majoring in what you love is totally possible. Going after your passion? Or trying something new? 60 bachelor’s degrees, 54 second majors and 30 major-minor options mean there’s always something you want.#3. Grades don’t (always) matter. Like when you are still getting used to university life. The Grade-Free First Year scheme gives you the license to figure out what you like at your own pace.#4. The world is out here (on campus). As the 7th most international university in the world, it’s little wonder that our campus is a cultural melting pot. But there’s always room for more.#5. The programmes are future-proof. Cross-disciplinary is just one part of it. There’s also the Centre for Future-ready Graduates that gets you ready for the future. Fact: our graduates are the 9th most employable worldwide.#6. Being enterprising is encouraged. Everyone likes a good global experience. How about adding a dose of entrepreneurship to it? You can – study and intern with a start-up at 11 NUS Overseas College locations worldwide.#7. You’ll get to play safe – literally. In the 2nd safest city in the world, it’s hard to do it any other way. But you know the drill. Stay alert. But don’t stay out too late – when you have class the next morning!


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National University of Singapore Lower Kent Ridge Campus

National University of Singapore Lower Kent Ridge Campus

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