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The one-year full-time Master in Public Administration (MPA) programme prepares students for senior management roles in the public sector. It provides an intensive, interdisciplinary course of study for professionals who wish to work on increasingly complex issues shaping national, regional and global policies and projects.The LKYSPP’s Master in Public Administration aims to equip the future leaders of organisations as well as government institutions and agencies with necessary skills to take on the mantle of leadership in the public sector. Over the course of the programme, participants will be exposed to useful skills and knowledge used by researchers, public managers, leaders as well as policy practitioners. Applicants can look forward to developing their national and international network and boost their leadership and management capabilities.Qualified MPA students have the opportunity to pursue a double degree, either with NUS Law School or NUS Business School.Please note that it is mandatory for applicants of the programme to be proficient in English.Furthermore, all applicants should be able to demonstrate a strong interest in public administration as well as steadfast dedication towards the public service.The LKYSPP yearns to play its part in enhancing the standards of governance for a more sustainable world.

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