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Master of Computing - Information Systems Specialisation

Master of Computing - Information Systems Specialisation Regular Class
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Information Technology (IT)-enabled disruption has now become the new normal. The rapidly changing business and technology landscape is mandating a new set of Information Technology (IT) skills and knowledge for professionals. Singapore is transforming into a Smart Nation, whereby local and global enterprises need a new breed of talented and competent IT professionals to champion, plan, and execute transformational changes in their organisations. This entails constant digital innovation for organisations to maintain their competitiveness and ensure their survival.

The Master of Computing (Information Systems specialisation), in short MComp IS, is specifically designed to prepare you to become the next generation of business and technology leaders who will tackle these challenges head on. It is designed to enhance and update your knowledge and skills by providing you with deep knowledge in key information systems areas, as well as valuable hands-on experiences. The MComp IS degree offers an ideal opportunity for IT professionals to gain advanced knowledge on IT-enabled digital transformation and innovation. A primary objective of the specialisation is to serve as a pathway for IT professionals to transition from software engineer and software developer related roles to IT management and leadership positions. If you are interested in championing innovative yet feasible IT solutions, the MComp IS is just right for you.

The MComp IS programme is distinctive in its strong and holistic emphasis on four key pillars, namely enterprise IT management and transformation, enterprise IT innovation and design, analytics and intelligent systems, and digital entrepreneurship. All modules are taught by leading experts in the field and will offer both state-of-the-art conceptual frameworks to make sense of the complex world of IT-enabled innovation and disruption, as well as the latest practical tools and techniques for hands-on application to real-world problems. The program also offers a research-oriented option where you can work with our world-renowned professors on cutting-edge research projects if you so desire.

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National University of Singapore Lower Kent Ridge Campus

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