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MSc (Building Performance and Sustainability)

MSc (Building Performance and Sustainability) Regular Class
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The National University of Singapore (NUS) Master of Science (Building Performance and Sustainability) (MSc BPS) is offered by the NUS College of Design and Engineering.

a multi-disciplinary educational programme. The aim of the programme is to offer graduates of different disciplines, who are engaged in design, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance of building systems and services, an opportunity to acquire knowledge and practice in the broad field of Building Performance and Sustainability.

This awareness is vital for those engaged in such activities in the 21st century, as humanity is confronted by the consequences of climate change. This global phenomenon necessitates a paradigm shift towards creating buildings that are not only comfortable and healthy for their occupants, but which are also sustainable for the environment.

The MSc BPS programme was developed with an eye on the challenges that the building sector is facing, with emphasis on the rapid urbanisation that is occurring in the tropics, and on similar fundamental issues related to climates and cultures around the world—all issues with the potential to impact billions of people.

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National University of Singapore Lower Kent Ridge Campus

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