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Physics Regular Class
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The undergraduate degree in Physics provides a solid foundation covering core topics such as atomic and nuclear physics; electromagnetism; nanophysics; quantum mechanics; relativity; condensed matter physics; thermodynamics; and relevant mathematical methods.Students will gain theoretical and experimental skills to solve complex problems, by studying classical and quantum mechanics; electromagnetism; thermodynamics; atomic and nuclear physics; nanophysics; and relativity.Students can also pursue the following specialisations: Astrophysics, which focuses on celestial physics and cosmology; Nanophysics, which focuses on the scientific principles behind nanoscale materials with advanced functionalities; and Quantum Technologies, which focuses on the foundations of quantum mechanics and its applications to sensing, communication, computation and cryptography.

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National University of Singapore Lower Kent Ridge Campus

National University of Singapore Lower Kent Ridge Campus

21 Lower Kent Ridge Rd, Singapura 119077

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