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Business Law Program in Podomoro University is designed to practice the Tridharma of higher education in the field of business law. The learning process in business law study programs is carried out comprehensively both in terms of theory and practice. This study program aims to educate professional candidates and lawyers in the field of business law.

Business Law program applies the process of teaching and learning activities starting from the fundamental modules of law and entrepreneurship. The learning process is also supported by seminars and training by professional lecturers. Students will have opportunity to do some field trip activities, and internship practices in law offices, private companies, legislative institutions, judiciary and executives. Graduates from Business Law program in Podomoro University are expected to meet the needs of human resources, especially professionals in the field of business law, as well as becoming lawyers, according to their competencies.


Become the center of the best Business Law Studies in Indonesia


  1. Organize education, research, and community service in the field of Business Law with a theory and practice approach.
  2. Produce graduates with a spirit of lawyerpreneur who are Indonesian-minded specifically, as well as ASEAN and international in general who master Business Law.
  3. Build the character of academics who are professional, competent, with integrity, and able to compete in facing global challenges in the field of Business Law.
  4. Fulfill the needs and expectations of the University by implementing learning quality standards that refer to international standards and mastery of science and technology.

Jenjang Pendidikan

Bachelor Degree (S1)


Law and Legal Studies

Universitas123 - Akademik


Founded by Yayasan Pendidikan Agung Podomoro, and with full support from the leading holding company, Agung Podomoro Group, has made Podomoro University a perfect place to study. We develop industry-driven curriculum framework and teaching methodology through work-based learning, hence the students will be equipped with knowledge and skills that are required highly and consistent with the needs of business and industry.

The collaboration with Babson Global, Inc., the world's leader in entrepreneurship education, prepare Podomoro University's students academically and pratically for a starting a new business or being an innovator in an existing organization nationally and internationally.


Why Study with Us?
Part of Agung Podomoro Land

Podomoro university is one of Agung Podomoro Land's unit that has managed various business units. With this strong experience and high credibility, students are equipped with more knowledge about the needs of the community in business.

In Collaboration with Babson Global, Inc. - USA

Podomoro University is an entrepreneurship-based university. We are doing direct collaboration with Babson College, United States of America as the Best Entrepreneurship Institution in the United States to provide entrepreneurial skill and mindset for students. All programs at Podomoro University are adapted and supervised directly by Babson College, USA.

Organic Laboratory Facilities

Podomoro University offers practical experience through Organic Laboratory facilities. Students have the opportunity to experience various activities related to the program under the direct supervision of lecturers who are also experts and experienced in their fields.

Modern Campus Environment

Podomoro University is located at super-block in the center of West Jakarta, with the surrounding environment in the form of shopping centers and offices, as well as community residential units that provide completeness for students to conduct direct research in society.

Career Opportunities

At Podomoro University, Internship is a compulsory subject for students. In this course, students can experience the problems that occur in the industry, so that the students of Podomoro University have more experiences to work in industry after completing their studies.



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