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Global growth in the tourism industry makes the hospitality business a very promising industry, not only now but also the future. Hotel Business Program in Podomoro University offers a program that focuses on a practical approach, preparing students to compete globally without forgetting Indonesian culture. Hotel Business Program is designed in such a way that the graduates have an entrepreneurial spirit, namely critical thinking skills, solution oriented and able to take risks.

During the learning process, students will be equipped with knowledge, skills, and character building so that graduates of the Hotel Business Program are ready to be able to work or become entrepreneurs after they graduate. Not only that, students are also given the opportunity to build networks internationally from an early age through various programs, such as internships held in industries spread across various countries in the world, guest lecturers from related industries and various other programs.


To expand as Integrated Program which capable of develop and educate student on knowledges, skills and abilities of managing hotel business and fully committed to generate optimal value on graduates who have the soul and spirit of entrepreneurship, Indonesian culture and International quality.


  1. Develop the graduates of Applied Bachelor’s degree (Professional Bachelor) in the field of the Hotel Business with the orientation on the needs of the industry, business and society.
  2. Optimizing the teaching and learning activities to educate graduates with the soul of entrepreneurship.
  3. Become a course which capable of delivering added value to students, faculty and the community.
  4. Play an active role to support the Government in developing science and technology as well as the application of science for the benefit of the community in improving the quality of human resources.

Career Opportunity

  • Professional Hoteliers or Entrepreneurs in the Hospitality and Tourism fields in Food and Beverage Industry
  • Room Division
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Sales Marketing
  • Event Management on National and International scale.

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