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Business / Management / International Business / Business Administration

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It was one of the reasons why a Jesuit priest, Dr. A.M.Kadarman, dreamed of having an institution like Harvard Business School, an educational institution capable of producing skilled and professional managers needed by Indonesia to support and keep boosting its economic growth.In a meeting on July 3rd, 1967, a Foundation of Management Education and Coaching (PPM Foundation) was built. Multi-religious elements: Catholic (IJ Kasimo), Islam (Prof. Dr. Bahder Djohan), Protestant (Dr. A.M Tambunan) represented its founders and organizers. Dr. T.B Simatupang, who at that time served as the Chairman of the Church Council in Indonesia, became the first Chairman of the PPM Foundation. On February 19th, 1968, the Management Institution of Higher Education (PTM) was officially founded. The first Rector was Dr. A.M Kadarman. PTM was well known as an educational institution that applied strict entrance selection. For example, in 1970, out of 250 applicants, only 20 were selected.In 1969, based on the recommendation by the Department of Education and Culture, PTM was renamed into Management College (STM). It got accredited by the Department of Education and Culture. Since its foundation, this educational institution has been orienting to get the acknowledgment from the business world that will benefit from its graduates.In 1970, STM was renamed once more into the Institute of Management Education and Coaching (LPPM). It organized short and long-term training. In 1977, LPPM introduced its main program, namely Management Wijawiyata Program (WM). It is a 10-month non-degree program for fresh graduates. After getting 12 months of working experience, WM students can continue their studies to achieve a master’s degree. In 1985, LPPM built PPM Graduate School of Management by opening an MBA (Master of Business Administration) Program.Along with the development of the educational degree program implementation, LPPM changed its name into PPM Institute. And during 1993, the MBA program was changed into Executive Management Master Program (MM Executive).In 1999 the official name of the Institute of Management Education and Coaching (LPPM) was changed into PPM Management Institute. It has four strategic units, namely, Directorate of PPE (Executive Education and Development), Directorate of Consultancy (PT. Binaman Utama), Directorate of College (PPM Management College; STM PPM or PPM School of Management; PPM SoM), and Publication (PT. Binaman Pressindo).PPM Management College or PPM School of Management currently offers three study programs, namely:Bachelor Study Program (accredited “A” by BAN-PT) Regular Bachelor Class of Business Management Bachelor Class of Business Accounting Bachelor Class of Blended Learning Business Management PPM Fast Track Program PPM Joint Program Master Study Program (accredited “A” by BAN-PT) Master Class of Management Wijawiyata Master Class of Young Executive Management Master Class of Executive Management Double Degree Program. admisi S1 : 0878-7618-5364 (WA)webiste : :@ ppmschoolOnline Registration PPM School di:


Keunggulan Kurikulum Program Sarjana Manajemen Bisnis (SMB) Terakreditasi “A” oleh BAN-PT Integrated Curriculum, mata kuliah pilihan yang terintegrasi satu sama lain seperti Marketing, Operations, Human Resource, dan Finance. Incubator&Simulation Business Method, Program SMB memiliki Inkubator Bisnis sebagai sarana pelatihan mahasiswa dan metode simulasi bisnis untuk melatih mahasiswa dalam membangun sebuah usaha secara nyata. Final Examination, memiliki 2 pilihan tugas akhir, Skripsi atau Business plan.Keunggulan Kurikulum Program Sarjana Akuntansi Bisnis (SAB) Kurikulum berbasis IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standard) yang memudahkan lulusannya berkarir di berbagai negara Mendapatkan Sertifikasi CFAB (Certified in finance, accounting, and business) dari ICAEW, UK* Mendapatkan Sertifikasi Junior Auditor dari LSP PPM Manajemen* Mendapatkan Sertifikasi Junior Auditor dari LSP PPM Manajemen* Mendapatkan Sertifikasi Brevet Pajak A&B yang terintegrasi dengan kurikulum* Mendapatkan Sertifikasi CRMA (Certified Risk Management Analyst) dari LSPMR* Mendapatkan Sertifikasi ACMA CGMA* (Associate Chartered Management Accountant, Chartered Global Management Accountant) dari CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountant) atau CIMA Qualified bagi yang belum memiliki pengalaman kerja Pelatihan dan Sertifikat Accurate Profesional (Certified Accurate Professional) Alumni yang sudah berkarier selama 5 tahun di KAP bisa langsung ujian untuk memperoleh CCFA (Certified Corporate Forensic Auditor) oleh BNSP



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