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Master of Management in Technology (MMT)

Master of Management in Technology (MMT) Regular Class
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About the Study

This program is prepared for individuals to have a comprehensive management and leadership skill, entrepreneurial mindset, and the ability to enhance Business performance through the use of technology.


A. Human Capital

Change management which determines how an organization adapts and adopts the dynamic of business, plays important role nowadays. The need of professionals in the field that is able to handle the complex and changing organizational climates of business worldwide is growing. It requires knowledge of business strategy, business efficiency and human behavior. It cultivates a spirit of innovation thinking and problem solving skills. Students opt this expertise are prepared to identify business problems, situations and formulate organizational strategy.

B. Finance

New business ventures and startup companies are growing tremendously around the globe. Investments of these types of business have a great deal of risk and reward. The conventional financial analyst faces these challenges. New approaches of financial modeling, portfolio management, risk analysis, and strategies are required to respond the shift. This program is prepared for students who are looking for in-depth financial principles, theory and practice, prepare for financial innovative solutions to complex financial scenario, assess the relevant information from range resource and analyse and make judgment based evidences.

C. Marketing

Digital technology has impact on the way business is conducted, and changes the platform of competition. Eventually it influences marketing role in order for the company to sustain and grow. Managing marketing is a process involving planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of goods, services, and ideas to satisfy customer and organizational objectives. This specialization provides the students with expertise in the area of market research and analysis, customer analysis, consumer behavior, competitive analysis, product management, brand management, and advertising.

D. Global Supply Chain Operations Management

Global supply chain management has become a buzz word in this business era. The strategic role of operations manager is how to integrate and manage the operations starting from product/service development, selecting the right suppliers, scheduling activities, and deliveries. Managing operations is the key in controlling cost, quality and deliveries as well as value adding. Students opt this expertise are prepared to wide capability as operating manager.

E. Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurial mindset and the ability to enhance business performance through the use of technology is our mission to train entrepreneurs and business leaders to drive economic development and to discover, create and commercialize new products, services and new market of existing products. The program is designed to produce creative individuals who are able to identify business opportunities through the invention and new idea in products or services. The program also nurtures self-confidence to actually create and grow entrepreneurial ventures which is established through the mastery of entrepreneurial skills.

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