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Information Technology Study Program Regular Class Online Class
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Many applications today have been extensively equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) capability, which makes them more interesting and useful. Besides, the amount of data that is generated online everyday is enormous. This huge amount of data, termed with Big Data is of little use unless it is processed to produce useful insights for business, government, education, society, research etc. Moreover, IT and the Internet have opened big opportunities for many to become IT Entrepreneurs. Many millennial and Z generation have been so attracted by entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship and Startup have become a jargon in almost all educational institutions. SGU Bachelor IT has been in the forefront in providing IT skills since the beginning. We constantly adapt our teaching to align with the demand of industry. As we have highlighted above, that the need for AI and Data Scientist as well as IT Entrepreneur is increasing, that’s why our new curriculum offered in 2020 will have these two concentrations, AI and Data Scientist and IT Entrepreneur.

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Alam Sutera Campus

Alam Sutera Campus

The Prominence Tower Alam Sutera, Jl. Jalur Sutera Barat. No. 15, RT.003/RW.006, Panunggangan Tim., Kec. Pinang, Kota Tangerang, Banten 15143

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