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Telkom University

S1 Industrial Engineering (International Class)

S1 Industrial Engineering (International Class) Regular Class
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Industrial Engineering Program is one of the study programs at the Telkom University, which was founded in 1990 (formerly STTTelkom, then turned into ITTelkom, and since 2013 to the Telkom University). Industrial Engineering Department aims to produce graduates who have a Tier 1 level upon ability as graduates who are able to design, execute, evaluate, and develop an integrated system consisting of human, material, method, machine / tools, Money, Energy, Environment and Information becomes more better. Developed as a study program that not only emphas academic skills of graduates, but also trying to increase the value graduates with hardskil and other soft skill related to industrial engineering field.

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Telkom University

Telkom University

Jl. Telekomunikasi No. 1, Terusan Buahbatu - Bojongsoang, Sukapura, Kec. Dayeuhkolot, Bandung, Jawa Barat 40257

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