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Informatics is one of study programs in School of Computing-Telkom University, Indonesia that seeks to meet the dual objective of ensuring a solid base training in structural areas, such as mathematics, physics and programming, besides specific areas of informatics Engineering and to develop a broad spectrum of skills. Informatics Engineering is an engineering discipline combining infusion technology (IT) or informatics and engineering concept.

Our course focus has a strong international point, where students will gain knowledge of the terms and approaches used globally. With our global partnerships, we are able to provide students with the latest international education levels.

The learning materials of the International Informatics Study Program are delivered in English, including lectures, internships, exams, theses, trials, scientific publications. Students are also provided some international program such as mobility program (edutrip, student exchange or short course program) and international certification related to Informatics. In addition, there will be an English Synergy Program to improve their English from the Language Center in the 1 years.

Informatics Study Program provide graduates who:

  1. Have quality and capability to implement information technology to analyze and solve problems, process data, design, and make decision, especially those concerning ICT.
  2. Apply their skill or certain competence of engineering, management, mathematics, and other social sciences.
  3. Participate in information and industrial era by applying computer or informatics skill professionally and ethically in national economic development and global competition structure.
  4. Have excellent capability in team work and interpersonal communication.

Graduates of Informatics have the possibility to become:

  1. Application Developers
  2. Business Process Analyst
  3. IT Project Manager
  4. Network Security Administrator
  5. Business Intelligence Architect

The curriculum of this program is designed by total credits of 145 for 4 year/8 semesters. For students who can maintain their GPA above 3.00 at the end of each semester, the faculty provides them Acceleration Program in which they can undertake their study in 3.5 years/7 semesters.

Starting this odd semester 2020/2021, Telkom University, especially the School of Computing, is implementing the 2020 Curriculum which refers to the Outcome-Based Education (OBE) framework. The 2020 curriculum design was made with the aim of:

  1. Anticipating the development of industrial revolution 4.0, by adding new literacy, namely human literacy, data literacy and technological literacy.
  2. Strengthening industry engagement by realizing the WRAP Program (Work Ready Program) in the form of internship, entrepreneurship, and research-ship.
  3. Strengthening digital learning methods based on student-centered learning by developing blended learning, flipped learning and distance learning.
  4. Recognizing students’ community development and innovation activities by involving in Student Creativity Week activities, Thematic Real Work Lectures, national or international competitions, certification and other equivalent.
  5. Implementing the learning process of “Merdeka Belajar-Kampus Merdeka”, where students are given the freedom to take learning credits outside the study program, which can be taken from outside the study program in a university and or outside university.

All of this aims to produce graduates with the ability to think, problem solve, and interact across the globe according to the vision of the School of Computing.

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