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S1 Visual Communication Design (International Class)

S1 Visual Communication Design (International Class) Regular Class
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Visual Communication Design (DKV) is the science that bridges the communication of meaning through a visual medium. The academic disciplines are applied among others through practical and theoretical learning, which can bring an understanding of a design directly from the student’s experience. This program study does not only prepare students to earn a degree in the field of design, but also to promote innovative thinking to encourage creative initiatives towards the implementation of design in everyday life. TCIS DKV until now is the only bachelor’s degree program that is different from DKV in general. DKV TCIS mix two kinds of knowledge in one major  in order to produce graduates who have the competence, capability, and superior skills. In addition to the science of design, TCIS DKV students also learn about management science. Collaboration of the two disciplines makes graduates of TCIS DKV has superior capabilities compared with DKV students in general.

Course Competence:

  • Graphic Design
  • Advertising Design
  • Multimedia Design
  • Management Design
  • Learning Outcome:

    1.  Able to think creatively and critically in the process of designing and solving problems using the Visual Communication Design management science tools.
    2. Able to create business innovation or new business models in the field of visual communication design
    3. Able to create a draft of Visual Communication Design in time-based media and print media
    4. Able to use interactive media applications to the design and development of digital media products.
    5. Capable of displaying integrity in the profession, supported by attitude, professional conduct, and ethics.
    6. Able to develop bachelor level research in the field of Visual Communication Design and can continue their education to a higher level.
    7. Able to demonstrate managerial capabilities related to Visual Communication Design

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