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BSc (Hons) in Financial Technology and Artificial Intelligence

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The BSc (Hons) Scheme in Computing and AI consists of the following degrees. It aims to give students the flexibility to choose their degree in their first year of study.

The BSc (Hons) in Computer Science aims to equip graduates with solid computing foundations in areas such as programming, computational thinking and data structure, which will allow them to develop professional computer systems and software. Students develop strong problem-solving abilities and become highly competent in software development for virtually all sectors. The BSc (Hons) in Enterprise Information Systems aims to provide graduates with a good foundation in both business and technical skills. Graduates are extremely competent in investigating business systems, identifying options for improving those systems and bridging the needs of business with the use of IT. They also have the ability to develop information systems and manage business projects in the commercial sector. The BSc (Hons) in Financial Technology and Artificial Intelligence aims to cultivate financial technologists who can develop intelligent software applications and innovative finance solutions by equipping them with good fundamental computing knowledge with a focus on AI, sound finance concepts, and the strong intellectual and practical skills they need to apply computing technologies in finance and related areas. They will be able to adapt to today’s fast-changing technologies, economies and societies.

Programme Characteristics

BSc (Hons) Scheme in Computing and AI

Common first year. Students admitted to the Scheme do not need to decide on their final degree in the first year of study and can select their study paths in the second year. Rich study pathways. The programme’s relatively few core credits give students the flexibility to take on a Minor study in other disciplines they are interested in, such as Business Administration, Financial Services, Social Science or other Engineering disciplines. They can also take additional Computing subjects to continue or specialise in one or more technical stream. Applied and practical. The curriculum covers up-to-date practical skills in both content and teaching methodology, e.g., iPhone technology. Master’s degree. Students can be admitted into the Department’s Master’s programme. They can gain a Master’s degree with one extra year of study. Recognition and Scholarship. Many departmental scholarships are available for students, recognising both their academic and non-academic performance.

Computer Science - BSc (Hons)

Features a rich set of electives that cover real-life applications, such as data mining, multimedia and game programming, e- commerce, or financial and social computing. Minor option. Students can apply to pursue a Minor study in any discipline. Students with backgrounds in arts, science or business can apply.

Enterprise Information Systems - BSc (Hons)

A balanced curriculum that covers technology, management and business and emphasises both computing techniques and applications and software design and development skills in the business sector, covering areas such as logistics, customer relations, auditing and control. Minor option. Students can apply to pursue a Minor study in any discipline. Students with backgrounds in arts, science or business can apply.

Financial Technology and Artificial Intelligence - BSc (Hons)

An interdisciplinary curriculum that covers software engineering, systems security, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cryptocurrency, crowdfunding and e-finance, big data and other related areas. Minor option. Students can apply to pursue a Minor study in any discipline. Students with backgrounds in arts, science or business can apply.
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Bachelor Degree (S1)

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Robotic and Artificial Intelligence

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The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU), ranked 66th by the QS World University Ranking 2022, is a comprehensive university with around 26,000 students across undergraduate, master and PhD level. There are around 14,500 undergraduate students with nearly 2000 of them as international students from around the globe.

With 85 years of proud tradition and ranking among the world’s top 100 institutions, PolyU aspires to be a leading university with world-class research and education

<p 'margin-bottom:10.5pt;line-height:normal;margin-right:0cm;margin-bottom:9.3pt;="" margin-left:0cm;line-height:normal'="">PolyU is a home for educating thinkers, discoverers, innovators and communicators in delivering positive impact. We are committed to nurturing tomorrow’s leaders today, through a holistic education that provides graduates unrivalled placements to thrive in communities, industries and businesses.<p 'margin-bottom:10.5pt;line-height:normal;margin-right:0cm;margin-bottom:9.3pt;="" margin-left:0cm;line-height:normal'="">We strive in inter-disciplinary research and impactful innovations to address real-world challenges. Our researchers are developing breakthrough ideas, fostering sustainability, lifting economic outcomes and improving communities’ lives for the benefit of Hong Kong, the Nation and the world.


PolyU is ranked:

#6 in Young University - QS Top 50 under 50 2021

#25 in Asia - QS Asia University Ranking 2021

#66 in the world - QS World University Rankings 2022


Key highlight:

•             100% discipline-related internship

•             250+ exchange partner institutions for semester academic exchange for PolyU tuition fee

•             All courses taught in English (except some language courses)



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The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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