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Tio’s International Business Management bachelor programme is based on the International Business (IB) programme and places additional focus on finance and e-commerce. This means you will also feel right at home in the finance and online world after completing this bachelor programme.

Are you competitive, entrepreneurial, interested in trading on the stock exchange, interested in other cultures, good with numbers and figures, in control, internationally oriented and excellent in networking? Do you recognise yourself in these descriptions? Join our IBM webinar or visit our (online) open day!

Why do students choose International Business mangement?

· Tio offers accelerated studying: bachelor’s degree in just three years and an associate degree in 2 years.

· International trade creates many jobs and opportunities for well-educated young professionals. In the Netherlands alone, international trade accounts for more than 50% of the gross domestic product.

· When you complete this business degree, you will also be a specialist in finance. You will learn everything there is to know about stocks, bonds, futures and securities and about cash flows during a corporate takeover.

· You study at the Netherlands’ best business degree programme. Seven years in a row, since this programme’s introduction, as elected by the Higher Education Guide.

· E-commerce is an important component of the International Business Management programme, because a lot of trading is done online and cross channelling is becoming increasingly popular.

· You will have many career opportunities available to you after completing this bachelor programme.

· At Tio there is a strong focus on personal development and supervision.

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