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After the independence of Indonesia, the government perceive the need of education staff in various stages of education. The government decided to establish various course of education for teachers in order to solve the issue. In 1950s, at the stage of middle school B-I, B-II and PGSLP was established to prepare teachers for a higher education.

Many attempt have been made to ensure both quality and quantity of teachers with the founding of Teacher Education college (PTPG) by the government through the decision of minister P and K No.382/ 1954. PTPG was founded in four city, which are: Batungkasar, Manado, Bandung and Malang. Thus, there are two institutions responsible for creating education staff, first is the Course of B-I/B-II/PGSLP/ and PTPG. Furthermore, the two institution integrated through various stages. In the 1957, PTPG also integrated to the Teaching Faculty and Educational Science at the closest university.

According to the PP. No 51 in 1958 the Faculty of Pedagogy are to be integrated into the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP). By the decision of Minister of Education in 1963, the institution of Teacher Education (IPG) in order to produce teacher for middle school; meanwhile according to the decision of Minister P and K no. 6 and 7 in 8 of February 1961, B-1 and B-2 are integrated into the faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) under the umbrella of Ministry of Education which also aim to create teacher for high school. The dualism are considered ineffective and disturb the management of teacher education. In response to the issue, the course of B-I and B-II are integrated into the faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) of University of Indonesia.

By the decision of President No. 1 in 1963 of January 3rd, integration system have been appointed in the institution of Teacher Education. One of the point from the Presidential Decree that the decision valid ever since 16th of May in 1964, which indicate the birth day of IKIP Jakarta. FKIP and IPG changed into IKIP (Institute of Teacher Training and Education). FKIP from University of Indonesia and IPG Jakarta integrated into IKIP Jakarta. In its further development IKIP was given mandate to expand the Educational Science and non-Educational within the University. According to the Presidential Decree 093/1999 in 4th of August IKIP Jakarta will further known as Universitas Negeri Jakarta (State University of Jakarta), and the inauguration was led by the President in State Palace at 31st of August 1999.
The Birth Day of State University of Jakarta are commemorate the same time as the establishment of IKIP Jakarta that pioneered its birth on 16th of May 1964.



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