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Bachelor of Science (Honours) Environmental, Occupational Safety and Health

Bachelor of Science (Honours) Environmental, Occupational Safety and Health Regular Class
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Global environmental problems such as climate change, pollution and depletion of natural resources have adversely affected human health and caused more diseases. It has become an important global agenda which leads to the emergence of environmental protection legalisations related to the control of hazardous substances, green technologies, green materials and waste treatment technologies. 

Similarly, work environment has changed drastically with concerns of employees being exposed to hazardous substances, heavy machineries and occupational diseases. Since the passing of the Occupational Safety and Health Act, much of the attention has been on employers to protect their employees from workplace hazards. 

The Bachelor of Science (Honours) Environmental, Occupational Safety and Health is a unique multidisciplinary programme that combines the study of 'environmental health' and 'occupational safety and health'. 

This programme provides a coherent body of professional knowledge, technical skills and soft skills with the aims to produce competent professionals who can adapt to different roles and responsibilities in a challenging and dynamic work environment. 

Programme Details:


Bachelor of Science (Honours) Environmental, Occupation Safety and Health

Accreditation Status:   

Provisional Accredited - (N/862/6/0075)01/25(MQA/PA8677)


4 years (Full-time) 


January, May, October   

Total Programme Fees:   

RM68,050 (International)  

Medium of Instruction:   





Faculty of Engineering and Green Technology (FEGT)
Programme Preview:

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Career Prospects:

  • Occupational Safety and Health Officer (SHO) 
  • Environmental, Safety Health (ESH) Executive/Engineer/Practitioner 
  • ESH Internal Auditor 
  • Ergonomist 
  • Fire Protection and Suppression System Engineer 
  • Industrial Hygienist 
  • Process Safety Engineer 
  • Risk Assessor 
  • Environmental Health Officer 
  • ESH Legal Compliance Advisor 
  • Emergency Response Commander 
  • Scheduled Wastes Manager 
  • Facilities Engineer/Wastewater Treatment 
  • Engineer/Air Pollution Control Systems Engineer 

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