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Bachelor of Science (Honours) Food Science

Bachelor of Science (Honours) Food Science Regular Class
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Food Science is a multidisciplinary science that intergrates various fundamentals and potential aspects of food molecules, post-harvest processing and food quality assessment. Food science includes the application of scientific/technological knowledge in minimising post-harvest losses; increasing agricultural productivity, improving the quantity, safety and nutritional quality of crops and animals by all available "tools", including biotechnology and food safety. Students pursuing the Food Science programme would be equipped with an in-depth understanding of science as it applies to foods and involves hands-on laboratory activities. 

As food and its nutrients are essential for our survival, the opportunity to understand and tackle some of the greatest challenges facing mankind is one which you may find appealing. Food Science applies the pure science subjects, such as chemistry, biology, nutrition, biochemistry, and microbiology, to the study of the nature, properties and composition of food and the changes whcih they undergo during storage and processing. 

It takes a scientific and technical approach to understand the nature of raw food materials and their transformation into final consumable products - "From farm to fork". In fact, it plays an important role in producing safe, nutritious, and wholesome food to meet the high demand of the increasing global population. 

In this programme, students will be introduced to the good laboratory practice, manufacturing practice, current food preservation techniques, food processing technologies, food microbial risk assessment and the industrial best practices and will apply them in the form of assignments and final year projects. 

Programme Details:


Bachelor of Science (Honours) Food Science

Accreditation Status:   

Fully accredited   


3 years (Full-time) 


January, May, October   

Total Programme Fees:   


Medium of Instruction:   





Faculty of Science (FSc)  

Career Prospects:

  • Food Scientist 
  • Food Technologist 
  • Product/Process Development Scientist 
  • Nutritionist 
  • Food Supplement Specialist 
  • Food Biotechnologist 
  • Food Labelling Advisor 
  • Sensory Scientist 
  • Quality Control Manager 
  • Production Manager 
  • Operations Improvement 
  • Raw Materials Buyer

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