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Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)

Bachelor of Technology (Honours) in Industrial Management

Bachelor of Technology (Honours) in Industrial Management Regular Class
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UTAR Industrial Management programme is accredited by the Malaysian Board of Technologist (MBOT). UTAR graduates can register as Graduate Technologists with MBOT and work towards becoming Professional Technologist.

By choosing WBL path, students will have the opportunity to study on-campus for 2 years and 1 year of on-site WBL. In this programme, the WBL is arranged in 2nd year. During the WBL duration, students will learn and study in our industry partner’s premises and to be taught and assessed by the industry experts, academic staff from the university may also be involved in giving assessments to students. With this arrangement, students will have the hands-on experience and also learn from the industry experts for a year. In addition, students will be able to gain both in class and on-the-job, through significant workplace experiences and able to link academic study and theory to real industrial practice better. For students who opt for non-WBL path, they will follow the conventional education learning system and fully study on-campus.

The Bachelor of Technology (Honours) in Industrial Management programme is an undergraduate programme that integrates Work-based Learning (WBL) as one of the delivery methods in its’ programme structure. Students are allowed to choose either to non-WBL path or WBL path in this programme for their study.  IM is a branch of study which is focused on the creation and management of industrial systems and processes that incorporate people, materials and energy in productive ways. Therefore, IM is a programme that uses the knowledge of business, management and technology to efficiently and economically use of the resources to make the organisation better and sustain.

IM students are trained in the same basic way as other engineers, science and management disciplines. IM takes the same fundamental courses in mathematics, humanities, and social sciences. In addition, IM students also study on Industrial Engineering (IE), business, and management courses. Like other engineering disciplines, IM employs mathematical models as a central device for understanding a system.

Industrial Management (IM) deals with industrial design, manufacturing, management, and application of science and engineering principles to improve the entire industrial infrastructure and industrial processes. IM focuses on the management of industrial processes. Industrial managers can be said to be responsible for proper and the most efficient interaction of 4Ms: Man, Material, Machine and Method (which every organisation needs). A degree in Industrial Management combines the study of engineering, business and management.

Industry management is the management systems and processes in an industrial company.  It is an interdisciplinary field of study which combine the strategic management education with a focus on management, marketing, business finance, corporate and business laws and the engineering process. 

In Malaysia, the manufacturing industry is an important sector in driving structural transformation into high value added activities, such as product design, distribution, transportation, order fulfilment and quality improvement. In doing so, companies need skilled managers, with a blend of engineering knowledge and management skills, to understand the whole operations management cycle and integrate people, materials, system and energy in a more productive and sustainable way. UTAR Bachelor of Technology (Honours) in Industrial Management programme is designed to give a solid foundation, and enable our graduate to take a holistic approach, in the management of manufacturing practices. 

UTAR Industrial Management programme is accredited by the Malaysian Board of Technologist (MBOT) . UTAR graduates can register as Graduate Technologists with MBOT and work towards becoming Professional Technologist. 

Programme Details


Bachelor of Technology (Honours) in Industrial Management


January, May, October

Normal Duration of Study3 years
Programme Fee


Programme Structure

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Medium of Instruction


Faculty of Engineering and Green Technology (FEGT)

CampusKampar, Perak

Professional Recognition/Accreditation 

Malaysia Board of Technologists (MBOT)

Career Prospect

  • Engineering Analysis
  • Logistics 
  • Manufacturing
  • Operations Management
  • Product Testing
  • Quality Control
  • Safety and Quality
  • Technical Resource Deployment

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Kampar Campus

Kampar Campus

Jalan Universiti, Bandar Barat 31900, Kampar, Perak, Malaysia

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