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University of Suffolk

BSc (Hons) Psychology

BSc (Hons) Psychology Regular Class
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Our BSc (Hons) Psychology course has been accredited by The British Psychological Society.

Psychology at the University of Suffolk explores and examines the interaction between mind and behaviour, the nature of the unconscious, the functioning of memory, individual behaviour in social situations, prejudice and altruism. This equips students with a thorough grounding in each of the major fields: social psychology; developmental psychology; biological psychology; and cognitive psychology. 

Students can choose to study Psychology as a single route or as a joint degree with Criminology or Sociology.

Psychology at Suffolk offers a wide range of teaching techniques incorporating a blended online/face-to-face approach.  Lectures include world-leading experts from different fields of psychology who provide insights into their most recent research and the impact that this cutting edge research has on the current understanding of psychological functioning.  Asynchronous online activities enable students to engage with their studies more flexibly.

Psychology student, Sarah, tells us about her experience of studying at the University of Suffolk. Take a look at Sarah's story below.

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Ipswich Main Campus

Ipswich Main Campus

Waterfront Building, 19 Neptune Quay, Ipswich IP4 1QJ

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