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Public health is about creating a healthy and happy society by tackling the underlying causes of ill-health to prevent health problems and promoting health and well-being.

Increasing government attention is focused on improving population health, and many agencies now have public health responsibilities. This is opening up new opportunities for innovative approaches and also brings with it the need for a well-prepared public health workforce, able to work flexibly across many disciplines and demonstrate a wide range of abilities. Our Master of Public Health course is specifically designed to fulfil this need through the educational aim of developing the specific knowledge and skills you will need for effective public health practice.

The Master of Public Health (MPH) at the University of Wolverhampton has an established reputation for producing accomplished and highly marketable graduates in public health. The positive feedback we receive from our successful students demonstrates the value of completing the MPH at the University of Wolverhampton. Many of these graduates have achieved excellent jobs within public health and are working in organisations such as government public health agencies, the WHO and the UN where they are making a difference to the population's health with the skills they have acquired from the programme.

Public health has always been popular but awareness of the work of public health professionals and the range of roles available in this field has increased since the Covid-19 pandemic. In light of the impact of the pandemic on public health practice both now and in the future, we have reviewed and strengthened our public health programme so you can be prepared to address these challenges.   

Success against key public health issues and diseases has no geographical boundaries, and our students may come from a variety of countries, so we also draw on wider international public health policy and priorities. As such, this post-graduate course adopts a strong focus on addressing health inequalities, empowering individuals, and communities, and building the skills needed for a pro-active public health workforce. So, by focusing on socio-ecological models of health rather than just medical and epidemiological ones, our public health programme is able to offer a new, modern and global understanding of public health that reflects the changes and developments witnessed in current and future health services both in the UK and overseas.

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