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Vistula University is a place where you will find an atmosphere of openness, trust and partnership, you will discover your talents and specify your career plans. You will learn critical thinking and responsible leadership.

Vistula University is the oldest amongst non-public universities in Poland. Established in 1992 under the name of the University of Insurance and Banking, it achieved its current status through dynamic development and contacts with other non-public higher education institutions. In 2019, Aleksander Gieysztor Academy of Humanities in Pułtusk became one of our branches.

Vistula University is at the forefront of the best private universities in Poland. It takes the 5th place in the prestigious ranking of non-public higher education institutions “Perspektywy” 2020. It is also a holder of the “University Leaders” certificate. Vistula is a university open to the world, strong and energetic. It has a multicultural and innovative approach to contemporary and future challenges. For years, it has been the leader in internationalization. It provides education for the labour market closely cooperating with business and international organizations. The University offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs, Engineering studies, Postgraduate and PhD studies, MBA and Vistula Executive Education programs, i.e. the practical dimension of education for managers. All fields of study are conducted in Polish and English, both full-time and part-time, part of them – online.

Vistula University is among the few universities in Poland that have the full scope of ACCA accreditation, and the ’Project management in the organisation’ programme in the field of Management has accreditation from the PMI Global Accreditation Centre for Project Management Education Programmes (GAC). All programmes are conducted in Polish and English.

Vistula University tracks the development of Big Data, artificial intelligence and robotics. Focusing its interest on Asia and China, it hosts the Confucian Classroom operating within the school walls.

You will enjoy the unique atmosphere of the modern Vistula campus. From the moment of commencing your studies, you will develop your individual potential, you will be included in the unique Mentoring Program and benefit from the system of attractive scholarships. You will receive support that will help you integrate in the University environment and spread your wings. You will learn to manage individual potential and plan professional development. With the help of the Careers Office and via the E-Career platform, you will establish first contacts with business, and enhance your competences. You will get access to paid and free placements and internships in companies from various industries, also under the EU programs. You will be able to take part in the Job Fair, twice a year.

During your studies, you can get internationally recognized certificates and licenses, benefit from foreign student exchange programs and develop your passions in student clubs.

At Vistula University you will get a diploma of a recognized university, that will open global opportunities and prepare you for an international career.






Vistula University

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