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Walsh University's B.A./M.A. Counseling & Human Development program provides the best preparation for students who want to pursue counseling careers. Our program combines a B.A. in Behavioral Sciences and an M.A. in Counseling and Human Development that students can complete in six years, right here at Walsh University.

The BA/MA Program provides the best preparation for students who wish to pursue mental health counseling careers. The program is designed to train counselors who will strive to assist others to make a difference in their lives.

To accomplish this, the program focuses on four broad goals:

  • Promotes within each student greater self-awareness, a concern for others, and a respect for the uniqueness and dignity of each person
  • Teaches skills related to research, such as conducting research, critically assessing others' research, and communicating effectively in both oral and written forms
  • Educates students to understand both the scientific and humanistic perspectives in behavioral science and to apply this knowledge to counseling practice
  • Cultivates in students the desire to develop an ethical professional identity.

Graduate students in our human development program can gain real-world experience at the Father Matthew Herttna Counseling Center on Walsh's Campus. It's an educational training facility open to the community that provides mental health counseling and community referrals. Students work alongside faculty and the site director to offer:

  • Individual counseling with children, adolescents, and adults
  • Family counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Career counseling

Other internships also are available in different areas, including community service/mental health agencies, school-based intervention and treatment settings, hospital/residential centers, crisis intervention centers, corrections/criminal justice centers, vocational and career-development programs, drug and alcohol centers, and domestic violence shelters.

Find out more on our website by clicking here.

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