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Biology Regular Class
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Biologists examine living organisms and learn how they grow, operate, function, and develop. With this knowledge base, biologists have the opportunity to improve lives through work in research, medicine, or education.

At Walsh University, biology majors have access to state-of-the-art, fully equipped laboratories and facilities in Walsh's Timken Natural Sciences Center and the St. John Paul II Center for Science Innovation. In addition, they learn from Walsh's highly trained, experienced faculty who are great teachers, caring mentors, and experienced researchers.

Our Biology graduates are prepared to:

  • Enter graduate degree programs, to earn a Master of Science or a Ph.D. in Biology or related fields, such as ecology, biochemistry, genetics, or molecular biology.
  • Join the workforce and perform cutting-edge laboratory work in research and development or quality control.
  • Enroll in professional schools to earn a degree in medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, and more.

Find out more on our website by clicking here.

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Walsh University

Walsh University

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