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Visual Communication Design (graphic design) is the process of creating visual solutions for communication. Graphic designers use art and technology to design and visually communicate a message to a targeted audience. Walsh University's Visual Communication Design program works to prepare students to pursue careers in visual communication design professions. Students learn the current technology used in the design and develop creative problem-solving abilities for real-world projects. Upon graduation, students will have completed a design portfolio.

As a part of the major, students are required to complete two internships to gain professional experience. The first internship allows students to gain experience with a working graphic designer, and the second internship is a service-learning experience where students can further develop their skills at a non-profit or service organization.

Graphic designers can find employment in a variety of fields and industries working as a:

  • Graphic Production Artist
  • Pre-Press Production Artist
  • Art Director
  • Creative Director
  • Communication Specialist
  • Advertising Account Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Publication Manager
  • Web Designer
  • Interface Designer
  • Package Designer 

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