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Xenophon College London

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Xenophon College London is a new HE provider in UK, delivering undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the areas of business and management, and psychology validated by the University of Chichester. It is based in central London offering opportunity to attend courses at its Campuses in Kent and in Italy (Rome).   



Students and staff can benefit from a traditional UK setting, where courses are designed to enhance employability and promote lifelong learning in an international context. One of the main focuses of XCL is the student experience, which is built on flexibility and relevance. In terms of flexible study modes, students can choose from pure distance learning right through to traditional face-to-face, with blended learning options in between. Everyone should be allowed to learn at their own space, in an environment that suits them best.   With the immense number of opportunities out there, our courses are designed to be current and relevant in the modern world, with a practice-based approach to tackling real problems and assessment strategies that enhance soft skills, including collaboration and resilience as part of the experience. Multi-disciplinarity is a key component of our academic and executive offer, promoting critical and lateral thinking as well as the dissemination of knowledge among departments.


  • BSc (Hons) Global Management and  International Business with Integrated Foudation Year
  • MSc Global Management and Innovation
  • MSc Digital Learning
  • Digital MBA
  • BA (Hons) Psychology with Integrated Foundation Year
  • MA Psychology

In 2022, the porfolio will be expanded to include courses in Applied Computer Science,  Big Data and Digital Skills for Managers, Green economy, Sustainability and Climate Change Management,  Games Desing, Fashion and design.

Courses mentioned are validated by the University of Chichester and lead to University of Chichester degrees.

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