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The Institute of China Studies aspires to educate students through an interdisciplinary curriculum and in-depth field research in contemporary China’s political, economic, historical, and societal context.

The director and founder of the MCS program, Prof. Fan Jieping, initially came up with the idea of launching the first China Studies program in China with the purpose of offering an education specifically aimed at producing China experts with practical experience. To create a master’s degree program that could cover all sorts of China-related topics scientifically, Prof. Fan gathered a team of professors from various departments and faculties of Zhejiang University (ZJU) who could contribute their knowledge and research to the program. As a result, in 2008 Zhejiang University became the first university in China recognized by Chinese Ministry of Education (MoE) to grant a Master’s degree in China Studies.

The following years would see an increase in both students, partner universities, and guest professors from all over the world, all ardent to use this unique gate to study and understand the enigmatic and inscrutable questions of China. The MCS program was later established as the Institute of China Studies, owing to the success of graduating more than 450 international students from 55 different countries as Master’s of China Studies over an almost decade-long period. This marked a new milestone for China Studies as the MCS program became recognized as an official representation of education in China by Chinese MoE.

Unique Selling Point

The International Campus has attracted over 400 students from 50 countries. Students enjoy unparalleled access to a world-class learning experience while living at the Residential College.

● The faculty of the International Campus includes distinguished professors, experienced senior teaching fellows, and outstanding young scholars from around the globe. Faculty members are recruited globally with standards comparable to those of top world-class universities.

● Student-to-faculty ratio: 8:1

● Campus with an international atmosphere

● Abundant library resources

● Small discussion-based classes

● Enriching extra-curricular activities





Zhejiang University International Campus

Zhejiang University International Campus

Zhejiang University International Campus , 718 Haizhou East Road Art & Science Building 434 Haining, Zhejiang 314400 China.


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